Health Inspections – Is Your Pool Ready?

Operating a pool? Your next visit from your county health department may be just around the corner. No need to panic. Your health inspector is on your side. You share a common goal – safer swimming for your members and guests. With that in mind, now is a great time to strengthen your relationship with […]

Fall Flight – Are You Short Staffed In August?

August always presents a major staffing challenge at outdoor pools, and 2023 may be even worse. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up in the lifeguard chair. Not to worry. There’s still time, and if you act quickly, you can avoid the fall flight. Here’s how. Plan Ahead – If your end-of-season schedule isn’t already […]

Too High, Too Low – Easy Pool Chemical Balance

Pool chemical balance is essential to your successful operation. Below, we explore all of the common (and in some cases, less common) chemical values you’re tasked with quantifying.  Read further to find out just what happens when those values are too high or too low. Chlorine and Bromine* Acceptable Range: 1-5 ppm (2-10 Spas) Ideal […]

It’s June – Delegate These Tasks!

Running an outdoor pool? Your life just got busy. Save your summer by spreading the workload. Here are some tasks that are easy to share…   Scheduling – Managers love to be in charge of the schedule. At big pools, scheduling can be an intricate puzzle, and knowing all the variables is a complex task. […]

Basic First Aid Checklist for Pools

Every pool should have a basic first aid checklist. Don’t respond empty handed. All too often, we audit safety equipment poolside and come up short. What good is a bottle of Aspirin and a few Band-Aid’s when tasked with a real emergency? The Basics Let’s start with a checklist. Here’s a basic list straight from the Red […]

Countdown to Summer – A Week by Week Pool Opening Checklist

Running a seasonal pool? Don’t wait until May to start your summer season prep work. Follow our week by week pool opening checklist and you’ll be ahead of the summer crowds. Ten Weeks Out – Early Season Considerations Begin your seasonal staff hiring process if you haven’t already done so. Check in on winterizing efforts. […]

Indoor Pool? Stop That Smell!

It’s an issue we all face – you don’t want your indoor pool to smell like, well…  a pool. A welcoming swim environment has to have great water and great air. Here’s how you achieve both. The Problem – Indoor pools plagued with poor air quality are suffering from a chloramine issue. That “pool smell” […]

Pool Chemical Safety – Essential Information for Your Entire Aquatics Team

Pool chemicals safety is vital. Chemical spills, inadvertent mixing, splash back and fumes increase risk exposure at every facility. Those risks only grow as more pool personnel have access to chemical storage areas. From front-line staff to management personnel, it’s essential that everyone understands pump room risk and how to keep themselves safe when dealing […]