Don’t Outsmart Your Test Kit

Test KitReady to buy your next great test kit? Consider who’s using it.


When it comes to test kits, you get what you pay for. If you’re picking the cheapest option, your testing process will likely suffer. On the other hand, if you pay more for your next kit, added features will likely go along with it. For many operators, that’s a tempting proposition. Each time we buy a new kit, we go bigger and better – but that may not be a good thing. Consider who’s using your test kit and ask yourself the following questions:

Will they read the instructions?

Test kit instructions are usually simplistic, but they need to be followed precisely. Chemical testing is a scientific process and small process errors yield incorrect results. If you answered no to this question, you need to be willing to thoroughly read the test kit instructions and then schedule an in-service to train all of your staff.

Will they take good care of it?

If you have 15 year old lifeguards testing the water, you may want to reconsider a $300 electronic test kit. They won’t be as responsible with it as you are. If it ends up at the bottom of the Dive Well you better hope you saved the warranty.

What if your test kit is too complicated?

If your test kit is too hard to use, your staff will be more likely to forge results. It’s not uncommon to find a chemical record where previous days results seem to be duplicated precisely. This always raises eyebrows. The more complex the process, the more likely we are to see fabricated results.

What does your health inspector use?

Why not follow their lead? Test where they test, when they test, and how they test.  Matching their test kit may not be a bad idea.

The bottom line – make sure you get a quality kit that covers all of your testing needs, but don’t overbuy. Make sure your test kit fits the personnel who will be using it.

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