It’s June – Delegate These Tasks!

Running an outdoor pool? Your life just got busy. Save your summer by spreading the workload. Here are some tasks that are easy to share…


Scheduling – Managers love to be in charge of the schedule. At big pools, scheduling can be an intricate puzzle, and knowing all the variables is a complex task. The reality… anyone can make your schedule. You can pass this off to a diligent staff member, explain your methods and reasoning and let them figure out the rest. They’ll succeed, and you’ll free up countless hours this summer to focus on more important items.

Ordering Chemicals – Ordering chemicals may not be eating up your schedule but forgetting to order a chemical… that can be a real time waster. Take a few minutes to develop an inventory list. Note stocked chemicals, minimum/maximum quantities, and supplier contact information. Pass your list off to a responsible staffer and allot them one hour each week to keep you well supplied.

Training Your Team – Outsourcing your teams training not only saves you time, it diversifies their education. We’re not saying you need to pass off all in-service training, just some of it. Ask your chemical distributor to run a personal protective equipment seminar. Cross train with your local EMT’s poolside. Bring in a lifeguard instructor to run a monthly drill. Double up with a neighboring pool to run dual training sessions all summer long. Your schedule will free up and your team’s knowledge base will grow. That’s win-win.

Opening and Closing Duties – Take a look at your weekly schedule. Identify tasks that are bringing you in early in the morning or keeping you later into the evening. If they’re non-essential, pass them off. It’s easy to overdo your summer schedule. Try to stick to an appropriate work-life balance by minimizing your non-peak hours.

Off-Hours Supervision – In recreation, athletics and facility management it’s sometimes essential to work nights and weekends. There are also times when we work nights and weekends that turn out to be less than essential. It’s important to recognize the difference. Do you work long hours simply to supervise your team? If so, you should look to non-aquatic managers at your facility to share that responsibility. Plan a rotating schedule of peers to serve as Managers on Duty. A single MOD covers all open departments during off hours. Here’s what you want your non-aquatic peers to be keeping an eye on.

Pool Cleaning – If you’re still manually vacuuming your pool, you’ve fallen behind the times. Automated pool vacuums are reliable, convenient and affordable. It’s easy to justify their price tag compared to the labor costs associated with manually vacuuming a big commercial pool.

Programming – Many aquatic professionals came up through the ranks, coaching teams, teaching swim lessons and instructing aquatic group exercise classes. It’s a labor of love, but it may be best to table your programming passion during the busiest parts of your season. Hire coaches to run the team, swim lesson coordinators to manage the deck, and cross train your dry-land group ex instructors to run great aqua classes. Stay involved without monopolizing your time on a single program.

Stocking the Med Kit – Don’t respond to an emergency without the appropriate medical equipment. Your first aid kit dwindles in supply quickly once school lets out. Auditing and stocking your medical supply are such easy tasks that you can confidently delegate them to a young staff member. They’ll love the additional responsibility and you’ll be more confident in your team’s emergency preparedness. Need a good checklist? Start here.

Want to delegate, but don’t have trained staff to lighten the load? Contact our office for advice on training opportunities in your area. We’re available at 1-844-482-1777.