Pool Party Games and Activities

Take your summer bash to the next level with these easy to do pool party games and activities. The plan is simple. Pick a main event, add some stations to support it, then consider few add-on activities to make your party unforgettable.

STEP 1 – Pick a Main Event

Dive-In Movie – Whether your guests lounge in pool floats, or watch the featured attraction poolside, a Dive-In is sure to be a knockout summer event. Check out our full article on Dive-In Do’s and Don’ts here.

Dads Big Splash – This contest is tailor made for Father’s Day Weekend. Pairing dads on the springboard with an all-too-close panel of kid judges will lead to an epic summer event. Kick it up a notch by adding in some WWE-style theatrics, a mom who’s a cannonball ringer, or turn the event sideways with belly flops.

Poolside BINGO – No one says no to BINGO, and with commercial-grade sets under $100, BINGO is an easy, repeatable activity that can entertain a big crowd. Advertise Poolside BINGO on a Friday night at 7:00pm and watch the on-deck café’s business double with dinnertime diners.

Supersized Pie Face – If you’re not already aware, Pie Face is a table game that turns a spring-loaded whip cream catapult on participants in random order. It’s a hit at small gatherings, but with a few simple adjustments it can be a big crowd pleaser at your next pool party. Line up your board members, management team or lifeguards at a table on a stage, each seated facing the audience with their own pie-tin full of whipped cream.  With some jumbo-sized dice, you can determine the next unlucky pie-to the-face recipient in a last man standing style tournament. Bon appétit!

STEP 2 – Add Some Fun

Scavenger Hunts – Greet your guest with a checklist of items to find on or around the pool deck. Step it up a notch with a summer time theme. 100 beach balls around the pool or 50 mini-flags on the Fourth of July can add a special summer touch. Scavenger hunts only take about 15 minutes to set up, but they can entertain hundreds of guests with minimal effort while your party gears up.

Selfie Station – Selfie Stations are appropriately named as they pretty much run themselves. Set up a fun backdrop, make or purchase a few props for pictures and set a hashtag for guests to use. You’ve made your event memorable and spread the word of your pool party on social media all at once.

Watermelon Seed Spitting – Classy? No. Fun and easy? You bet. The hardest part of setting up a seed spitting station may be finding watermelons that aren’t seedless. After that, set a starting line and measurement markers. Allow participants to mark their best distance with their name on a bathroom sized disposable cup or add a judge to make the event more official.

Craft Stations – Pre-packaged crafts are another great add-on to your pool party that require minimal effort during the event. Have the lifeguard crew prep 50 Ziploc bags each containing pre-cut cord and themed beads for necklace making. Set up a table with printed instructions and materials for marshmallow catapults. The simple craft ideas are limitless.

STEP 3 – Add Unforgettable Extras

Glow Everything – If you’re running a pool party past dusk, dress up the crowd with glow sticks, bracelets or necklaces. Buy them in bulk and toss a couple hundred into you pool for a glow stick hunt. Options are endless and glowsticks never fail to please.

Water Balloons – Gone are the days of painstakingly tying enough water balloons for a big crowd. Self-tying technology has rapidly advanced making it easy to have hundreds of water balloons ready in just minutes. Bring 500 out onto the deck at your next big event and let the mayhem ensue.

Ice Cream Shack – Your local ice cream truck is a lesson in efficiency. Take a few tips from the ice cream man and win a big crowd over with a complimentary, impromptu ice cream shack. Drop 6-8 different types ice cream novelties in a cooler, cut out the logos from the boxes and tape them to a display board for easy ordering. You’ll quickly add a rush of flavor (and a sugar high) to your next event.

Family Friendly Tunes – Spotify, Pandora and XM Radio make music planning simple for your next event. Search Radio Disney, Kidz Bop or NOW That’s What I Call Music for a poppy, curated playlist suitable for young audiences.

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