Swimming Pool Wish List – The Latest Pool Technology for your Capital Budget

Ready for an aquatic upgrade? 

Technological advancements at aquatic facilities can improve your guest experience, bolster your bottom line, and deliver safer swimming environments,  all while making your life as a pool operator much easier. 

Here’s what should be on your wish list when it comes time to prep your capital budget. 

1. Automated Water Chemistry Monitoring: If you’re still manually dialing up and down your chlorinator on busy days, you’re missing out. One of the most significant challenges in pool maintenance is ensuring the right chemical balance. Automated systems now exist that continuously monitor pH, chlorine levels, and other water parameters. When imbalances are detected, these systems can automatically dispense the required chemicals, ensuring that the water remains clean and safe. Most systems will seamlessly integrate in with your existing equipment allowing 24 hour chemical adjustment. 

2. Remote Control and Monitoring: Smart pool systems allow operators to control and monitor pool functions remotely. Using a smartphone or tablet, you can adjust water temperature, lighting, filtration, and more from anywhere. This level of control is not only convenient but also helps save energy by optimizing equipment operation.

3. Energy-Efficient Pool Pumps: Automated variable-speed pool pumps have gained popularity for their energy efficiency. They adjust their speed based on the pool’s needs, reducing energy consumption and operating costs. Once a fixture in residential pool application, these smart pumps have now crossed over to the commercial market, where they maintain your state-required turnover and flow rates, without running up utilities. 

4. LED Pool Lighting: LED pool lights offer not only energy savings but also customizable lighting options. You can change colors, create lighting effects, and set schedules to enhance the pool’s ambiance. LED lighting is not only energy-efficient but also visually stunning. Underwater units can be a visual upgrade, but the real cost savings happens above the water. Connect with your utility provider for grants and rebates on natatorium lighting. Both are readily available for commercial aquatic facilities. 

5. Pool Covers and Rollers: Automated pool covers and rollers are becoming more sophisticated. With the push of a button, you can cover or uncover your pool, helping to maintain water temperature, prevent debris buildup, and enhance safety. New cover technology is safer than options available in the past. With energy consumption reductions of 50% or more when they’re on you can make a case that a smart pool cover will pay for itself. 

6. Pool Cleaning Robots: Robotic pool cleaners have evolved to offer more efficient and thorough cleaning. These devices use smart algorithms to navigate the pool, scrubbing surfaces, and collecting debris. Some can even be scheduled or controlled remotely. Staffing a human to vacuum your pool is a thing of the past. 

7. UV and Ozone Water Treatment: Smart pool systems are integrating advanced water treatment methods, such as UV and ozone systems, to reduce the reliance on traditional chemicals and offer advanced oxidation of harmful contaminants like chloramines. These technologies provide effective disinfection alongside your chlorine or bromine, and will improve water quality and bather experience. 

8. Safety Features: Some smart pool systems include safety features like motion sensors and alarms to detect unauthorized pool access or accidents. These added layers of security can provide peace of mind to pool operators. Smart alarms range from traditional wave detection systems, to advanced drowning prevention video monitors. 

The Aquatic Council doesn’t advertise or represent specific products, services or companies.  When it comes time to update your pool, we’d be happy to serve as your unbiased representative navigating your next aquatic project. 

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