Too High, Too Low – Easy Pool Chemical Balance

Pool chemical balance is essential to your successful operation. Below, we explore all of the common (and in some cases, less common) chemical values you’re tasked with quantifying.  Read further to find out just what happens when those values are too high or too low. Chlorine and Bromine* Acceptable Range: 1-5 ppm (2-10 Spas) Ideal […]

Basic First Aid Checklist for Pools

Every pool should have a basic first aid checklist. Don’t respond empty handed. All too often, we audit safety equipment poolside and come up short. What good is a bottle of Aspirin and a few Band-Aid’s when tasked with a real emergency? The Basics Let’s start with a checklist. Here’s a basic list straight from the Red […]

Swimming Pool Codes by State

Looking for your state swimming pool code? We’ve compiled the list below to help. For a more complete list of aquatic codes, standards and regulations check out our Aquatic Resource Guide. Swimming Pool Codes by State and County Alaska Anchorage Arizona Arkansas California Los Angeles County Orange County Riverside County San Diego County Colorado Connecticut […]

How to Prepare for the CPO Test

Each year, thousands of swimming pool operators put their skills to the test as they complete their Certified Pool Operator (CPO) training and take their formal exam. If you’re heading back to pool school this spring, you can do a lot in advance to make sure you’re well prepared for test taking time. Here’s how […]